Why ultra running and drinking beer are the same thing…

I just had a text conversation along the lines of:

Mate: “Did you book any more crazy runs while you were recovering (from a 50k) yesterday?”
Ben: “I already have a few booked in later in the year.”
M: “OMG!! I can understand ticking it off your list, but to keep doing them…different planet.”
B: “Why is it weird? Is it any different than you going out and getting shedded on a Friday night?”
M: “I don’t understand…”

running after the christmas party. any feeling of wellbeing is a temporary illusion.
running after the christmas party. any feeling of wellbeing is a temporary illusion.

Permit me to elaborate:

1. Your bank balance will take a hit. A big night out, including taxis, beer and takeaway can run to £100 easily. Entry fees, travel, accommodation and food can at least equal this.

2. You know you will enjoy yourself early on, but towards the end you’ll start to feel rough, lose your balance and possibly throw up.

3. You will consume an unknown but statistically significant number of calories (you never remember quite how much you’ve eaten in aid stations or kebab shops) during your run/binge.

4. You will make some awesome new friends on your journey around town/the course.

5. You will not remember their names, or exactly what they looked like.

6. You will have your photo taken at some point thinking you look amazing. You will in fact be a dribbling mess.

7. You will wake up in the morning feeling like crap, dehydrated with aching muscles.

8. With bruises that you can’t account for.

9. Your flatmate/significant other/parent will look disapprovingly at the state of you the next day and complain at the trail of sweaty and/or beer soaked clothing from the front door to your bed when you were too tired/smashed to put it in the washer.

9. As a result of all of the above, you will swear blind that you will never put yourself through something like that ever again.

10. But within a week you’re back at it, planning a big night out with the girls/lads or entering just one more race. A bit longer this time. After all, it wasn’t that bad, was it?

Perhaps because of the similarities, many folk like to have a go at both MUT and drinking, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I would say though…a beer tastes amazing after going for a run, but a run feels awful after a night on the beer.

Drink sensibly. Drink British.


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