Farleton Knott O

If you’ve never tried to find a small boulder in a field of limestone pavement, you’ve never run the SROC Farleton Knott Brown course.

After a lot of foam rolling, and a lot of scraping of ice off the windscreen, I drove to Farleton Knott in Cumbria on a beautiful sunny day to have a go at the  South Ribble OC (https://www.sroc.org) Galoppen. Having fell raced in the area before, I was expecting a tough day out; luckily it didn’t take us down the super steep face of the knott, but the terrain more than compensated.


Starting uphill, I soon discovered how much my lack of agility would hamper me over large fields of limestone pavement. I made it to control 6 steadily, then went awry en route to 7, finding myself back at 3. Finding individual boulders between the areas of pavement had proven more than a match for me. Luckily, I could now take a bearing from 3 in to 7. Heading on to the other side of the area, the running got a lot easier and my legs started loosening off. Unfortunately, that meant I sped up and my nav went to scheisse on the way to 12, running too far down the hill.

Once I made 12 however, things got better. The remaining 11 controls took in a lot of crags and up and down, but I made it in to the finish with twice the winner’s time, and in dead last. It was however an awesome run out!

Results are here: https://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/index.php?pg=results&eday=74330&results=74330&course=1


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